Saturday, 5 April 2014

The S/S '14 Shoe Edit - The Ugly Shoe Trend

Topshop, Novice Chunky Buckle Sandles, £52
Birkenstock, Arizona Two Strap, £49.95

River Island, Block Heel Cleated Sole Sandals, £55

Vagabond, Aurora Slip On, £75

As we're approaching Spring/Summer there seems to be one shoe trend to 
rule them all.The ugly shoe trend has girls up and down the country
 divided in opinion. 

In one camp there are those who are totally in favour of the brash, 
chunky soled shoes. The fashionistas that follow the runway religiously will all 
be seen sporting a Birkenstock this Summer. In the opposite camp, however, 
are the girls who wouldn't be seen dead in anything that could be remotely 
described as ugly. The girls in this camp would much rather stick to their stilettos thanks.

For me I'm kinda sitting on the fence with this trend.When I first saw them on the runway
 I just couldn't warm to them. Whether it was the floral beaded sandals seen at Givenchy 
or the sports luxe styles at Prada, I just hated them all. However, since the ugly shoe 
trend has hit the high street, I must admit I am warming to them. I found myself 
eyeballing this pair in Primark and decided to try them on despite thinking
 that 'they aren't very me'. After trying them on I was completely sold and have been
 praying for warm days ever since so I can wear them out and about. They not only
 look great but are so comfy and can take you from day to night. The perfect shoe no?

Ever since buying this pair I've found myself falling for other shoes which would
 be categorised as 'ugly'.
I hate to say it but I think I'm guilty of loving the ugly shoe trend

Will you be embracing the ugly shoe trend?


  1. It's an interesting idea, but I would probably never buy shoes like that!

    1. They are definitely an acquired taste! Although, they are generally super comfy!