Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Topshop Gloss Ink in Sloe Gin

Gloss Ink in Sloe Gin, Topshop, £8.00

I admit it, I haven't tried that much of the Topshop make up range yet. I know, it's been out for
 4 years and as a beauty obsessive I really should have ventured into the unknown. However, the
 few products I have tried from the range have all been amazing.

I picked up this Gloss Ink lip stain in 'sloe gin' on a whim when I was panic buying an outfit just
hours before a night out with the girls. I wore it that very night and was really impressed with the
way it  looked. The colour is slightly more pink than I was expecting, as on the wand it looks pretty
 purple. However, I have found that you can build up this stain on the lip to deepen the colour and
take it from a hot pink to a deep raspberry wine.

The lasting power of this lip stain is pretty incredible. I can apply this lipstick early in the morning
and it will last well into the early evening before I would have to top it up. The finish of this Gloss
Ink is pigmented enough to be a lipstick but also has a great sheen much like a lip gloss. 
The perfect 2 in 1, no?

After giving the Topshop Gloss Ink a go I am really keen to try more pieces from the Topshop
 make up range. Roll on pay day!

What pieces do you recommend from the Topshop make up range?


  1. That colour is beautiful - Brill Post!

  2. Looks like a great colour! I really need to get some Topshop make up!

    1. The colour is really lovely :) All of their lipsticks are great with such a good shade range x